Recently we sat down with Multi-Talented Canadian “Aneesa Badshaw” who is a model / actress &  upcoming artist currently living in Brampton, Ontario. 

Aneesa Badshaw is a Canadian fashion model, actress, recording artist, and creative director. Aneesa started her career as a model with photographers Ananya Burman and Michael Katwaroo. Badshaw works with Amol Gupta and partner Samuel Enrique of Standout Entertainment. They have helped her land music video appearances for Drake, Baka Not Nice (OVO Sound), Karl Wolf, Sean Paul, Deep Jandu, Keffa Leng, Sean Kingston, Will Smith’s Nephew, K-Smith and much more.

So we asked Aneesa some questions to help us get to know her a little better, as we know we’ll be seeing much more of her in the industry as her hustle and ambition is next-level.


Q: Tell us a little about yourself

Well everyday I’m working. It’s either I’m doing a modelling gig or an acting gig. But aside from that, on my days off my favorite thing to do is to kick back sip some wine, get high with my b*tch Mary Jane. I love to write music, watch a funny ass movie when I’m fried. I’m really into comedy movies and stuff that uplifts my mood. Also not to forget, I’m a big foodie. I also love to cook all types of sh*t, especially when I get the munchies. Whatever comes to my mind, I run to the grocery store, come home and f*ck up the kitchen. 

Q: What’s your favorite past time? 

 I don’t remember. Blame it on the weed (laughs).


Q: Being a model, who are some people you want to work with?

I want to work with Kylie Jenner. I actually want to do more than that with Kylie but we will leave it at. Let’s just say I want to be “Kylie’s Daddy” like the song by my girl Iliana Eve.


Q: What are your goals for 2017? 

Kylie Jenner.


Q: What’s your biggest goal in life? 

To be happy.


Q: Favorite quote? 

My favorite quote of all-time would be “A dance with the devil might last you forever”. That’s a quote from hip-hop artist and activist Immortal Technique.
I even got that sh*t tatt’d on my right side shoulder. The meaning behind it is to not to make the wrong decisions because it may stay with you for the rest of your life. Also one thing leads to another and avoid sins as much as possible.


Q: What’s your favorite song right now? 

Current favorite song would be “Faded” By Kanye West. The music video for this song is probably my most favorite because I’m bisexual af and Teyana Taylor did a sexy ass performance… literally. She did a sexy ass performance. I couldn’t stop looking at her body and the way she was moving. Such a turn on. She’s definitely my type.


Q: If someone was to go through the songs on your playlist what would they be the most surprised about?

Probably the fact that I have a sh*t ton of 90’s-2000’s music and I listen to all types of genres. I go from hip-hop to heavy metal and from soul to country. You name it.


Q: What’s something you really wanna do besides music / modelling?

A goal I have which I’m currently working on, is a clothing line that was created by sound engineer Dominic Dot Okune and I. This clothing line is meant to inspire those to have a freedom of conscious. I’m also working on my all girl group called KATCH.


Q: Who are some people you’d like to work with or keep working with? 

I would love to work with multi-platinum producer Bryan Van Mierlo aka Eestbound. I personally think his work is phenomenal because he has a mixture of different genres in his music. As an emcee, Eestbound has sick flow and he writes his own lyrics which makes him even more sicker.


Q: Now you’ve spoke about your interest in music, can you tell us about that?

I’m working on my debut single that the multi-platinum Jonathan Hay and several others are co-producing. It’s a remake of a classic and super sexy song from 1990. We are going to shoot the video for the song in Tampa, Florida and it’s going to be extremely provocative and seductive. It will be something very unexpected.


Q: As a model trying to merge in to the music industry what do you think your biggest battle is?
My biggest battle is all the guys wanting to get with me.. when I just want to work. I guess some n*ggas may think the way I express myself using my body as art is me being sexual. But It’s really not. I wish I could just work with producers and get a hit, and not them trying to hit. Let’s work on a smash. Quit trying to smash (laughs).


Q: Who are you musically inspired by? 

Any music that inspires. Like I said any genre.


Q: Who are some Canadian artists you’d like to work with?

That’s an easy one which is obviously Drake. I’ve worked with him already for a music video but I would like to do other projects. Another artist I would love to work with would be Party Next Door. I love his style of music and the fact that he’s from the same area as me – Mississauga. I’d also like to work with that n*gga Justin Bieber. Last but not least, I want to work with The Weeknd. He’s definitely one of my celeb crushs. I been keeping up with his music before he got real famous. I really miss the old him but everyone has to evolve especially in this industry. You always gotta keep up if you wanna be at the top. And he’s at the top. And he can be on top of me whenever he wants. Or I can be on top whatever he prefers (laughs).


Q: How important is it for you to have the right team or would you rather do everything yourself?

I was doing everything myself for years and It was great but it’s even better to have my own team because we all have that connection and they always keep me on my toes. Shout out to Jonathan Hay, Stand Out Entertainment, Saint Aubyn and KATCH.


Aneesa Badshaw